British American Tobacco Romania - a leading company with a vision for the future

British American Tobacco is a leading global tobacco company with more than 200 brands sold in more than 200 markets. We have a business history of over 100 years that has brought us leadership in more than 55 markets around the world. We consider our business impact very seriously and that is why we act in every step with responsibility and in a sustainable way. As a recognition of our efforts, we have been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index since 2002 and we continue to follow on our efforts to keep this as a constant endorsement.

Our global operations in 2015 have encompassed 50.000 people directly employed, with many more indirectly employed through our supply chain generated by our 44 factories in 41 countries. Moreover, our shared services have generated additional operations and a third party impact in the countries where we operate. This helps us in maintaining a top employer position and a company of choice for people employed at every stage of our supply chain. British American Tobacco alone has contributed approximately 30 billion Pounds Sterling in excise and other taxes to governments worldwide in 2015.   

In Romania, British American Tobacco started operations in 1994 as a representative office, with a greenfield production facility inaugurated in 1998. Since then, BAT Romania has grown into a well established local branch of BAT, an undisputed market leader with 55% market share and with Kent as the leading brand at 26,5% market share.

In Romania, British American Tobacco operates three core business areas: Commercial, Operations and Shared Services. It employs over 2000 people and generates an indirect figure of  thousands of workplaces. With investments of more than 240 million EUR in the past years, BAT Romania has expanded its Operations facility in order to cover 25 end markets which makes it one of the leading production facilities of BAT worldwide. While in terms of Shared Services, it has developed a strong regional center, with a total of almost 700 employees. As well as providing a wide range of global services, from business to finance and HR,  BASSE Romania is home to a highly dynamic and cross cultural working environment. Twelve nationalities interact every day in more than 15 languages that are spoken in the Bucharest BASSE Offices.

We pride ourselves with one of the highest retention rates for employees in the business environment in Romania being at the same time one of the most desired and top employer on the local market.

As business value and local relevance, BAT Romania is the second contributor to the state budget in terms of excise revenues, one of the top taxpayers with a total of 1.7 bn EUR in 2015 and one of the top 10 businesses operating in Romania.

BAT Romania works constantly with the public authorities to ensure the national legislation regarding tobacco is implemented and followed in a transparent way. We also follow and support authorities in putting in place anti illicit trade measures and help regulate the legal market.

BAT will continue to value its presence in Romania and always take into account the positive local business and society developments that will generate added value for both the company’s business as well as for its local and global stakeholders.

BAT regards Romania as one of its most valuable assets in terms of investments and business development. With more than 20 years on the local market, we pride in being an example of success in Romania.  

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