Tibbett Logistics is the leading provider of specialised outsourced logistics and supply chain services in Romania with extensive operations covering the field of Automotive Logistics, Retail warehousing and distribution, intermodal railage and terminal operations and services to the FMCG, DIY and industrial sectors.

7ImagesBenefitting from the largest network of modern class A warehouses in the country – 14 in total – Tibbett Logistics has been chosen by a wide range of Blue-Chip global Corporations to be the trusted partner to handle their complex supply chain challenges in Romania. 

The company is one of only a small number in Romania to have been certified with AEO-F status across its operations, underlining the commitment of the business to secure and procedure-driven operations where customers can feel safe in the knowledge their products are in secure hands.

The business has grown successfully on the back of its reputation for high quality management and service delivery, a fact underlined by ISO Quality management certification across the business.

Tibbett Logistics does not benefit from a global “brand” like some of the national branch operations of some of the companies present on the market may. However it is the focus and commitment of the management of the business that has built the reputation of the company and established Tibbett Logistics as a clear market leader in the field of Logistics Service Provision in Romania with 95% of the business secured with major clients on the basis of 3-5 year contracts.

Tibbett Logistics Specialist Services Include;

Automotive Logistics

Tibbett Logistics identified early that Romania would be a key market for growth for the Tier and Tier 2 component manufacturers supplying the global Automotive OEM’s. As a result in the last 8 years our business has grown from a single small warehouse with less than 30 employees to multiple locations, 350 employees, end-to-end supply chain services including line-side logistics, production support activities.

Through our intermodal operations linking the Port of Constanta with imports from Asia with Central and Eastern Europe, Tibbett’s block trains bring containers with components and materials into Bucharest, where they are sorted and staged into the logistics and production operations of a major producer of Turbo-chargers. Within the production plant our employees bring sorted components directly to the assembly lines in the moment they are needed, transporting completed turbo chargers away from production and by shuttle to our external warehouse where they are prepared for shipment to the vehicle manufacturing plants in Western Europe and worldwide. 

For other automotive clients we collect on a daily basis from over 50 component plants across Romania, consolidate these at our automotive facility in Western Romania for full-truck movements of designated parts to Plants in Germany, Hungary and the UK.

In a short period of time we have developed the business from a simple warehousing operation, to one where Tibbett Logistics employees are involved at almost every stage of the chain from the handling of raw materials up to delivery of the full range of auto-components to the vehicle production lines.

7Images 1 Retail Logistics

Whilst Tibbett Logistics manage the inbound flow of containerised merchandise for 8 out of the top 10 international retailers present on the Romanian market, we also provide full supply chain services for grocery/dry food, non-food, electrical, DIY and textiles within Romania. 

We offer 24 hour handling and distribution services form our main retail hubs, delivering within tight time windows multiple times per day to every major town and city in the country.

Our temperature controlled operations service over 60 of the largest retail outlets in Romania with fruit and vegetables, dairy and meat, frozen food, chocolate and fresh fish. 80% of the products distributed to the outlets are processed and on the truck heading to the stores within hours of being received in Tibbett Logistics platforms.

Tibbett Logistics offers the full range of value-added services from ticketing, re-packing, co-packing as well as offering e-commerce fulfillment services to major retailers and smaller start-ups alike.

Our fleet of over 100 tilt and multi-temperature reefer trailers ensure security and quality services delivered in a cost effective manner and complying to the most stringent service KPIs 24/7, 364 days of the year.

7Images 6 Intermodal Services

Tibbett Logistics commenced its intermodal operations in 2008 when considering options to smooth the flow of imported products from the Port of Constanta for its logistics clients and thus became the first private block train operator in Romania managing the flow of maritime containers for the retail and FMCG sector.

As demand for this business grew and customers became convinced of the cost and CO2 savings delivered by the use of road-rail intermodal solutions, the business moved to a new modern intermodal terminal in the west of Bucharest in a key strategic position relative to the logistics and industrial facilities.

Now handling trains on a daily basis the terminal has the capacity and equipment to handle maritime containers, 45’PW containers, semi trailers transported by rail, conventional wagons and car transporter rail wagons.

The terminal benefits from class A rail linked warehousing, AEO-F certified customs operations and container management and repair services.

The Bucharest intermodal terminal – or BIRFT as it is known (Bucharest International Rail Freight Terminal) functions as a hub handling trains from Western Europe, South Eastern Europe and Asia via the Port of Constanta and is a key link in providing reliable, cost-effective and environmentally responsible transport solutions.

IT Services

Logistics these days is not only about the physical movement of goods but also transparent, efficient and secure management of information.

Tibbett Logistics has developed its own in-house IT team to manage the needs of its clients, providing for rapid and cost-effective project implementation and support. Our IT team manage the customisation of interfaces with our clients and development of warehouse management systems to match exactly the logistics needs of each customer. Within the business several WMS are being managed, dependent upon the clients’ needs.

The team have developed web-based platforms for rapid visibility of real-time information regarding the operations and orders, which are also used for scheduling deliveries into the distribution centres and deliveries to customers.


In summary, Tibbett Logistics has achieved its impressive growth through the dedication of a young, motivated and professional management team supported through the many years of international Contract Logistics experience of its sole shareholders, Keswick Enterprises. These combined strengths have made Tibbett Logistics the “Go-to” service provider for major international manufacturers, retailers and traders with business in Romania  


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