The British Romanian Chamber of Commerce (“BRCC”) is the premier business-led organisation promoting bilateral trade and investment between the United Kingdom and Romania. Our mission is to facilitate an increase in trade between those two countries through business-to-business dialogue.

The BRCC plays an influential role in creating and sustaining an environment in which free-trade and investment flourishes. Through the facilitation of partnerships, and with an extensive network of influential corporate and individual members, the BRCC provides the resource, knowledge and infrastructure support vital to British companies to make the most of emerging opportunities in Romania, and for Romanian companies to conduct business in the established markets of the UK.

Established in 1998, the BRCC is an independent organisation, owned entirely by its members, with offices in London, Bucharest and Cluj.

We provide an effective voice for business communities which trade between Britain and Romania.

On occasion we are able to lobby key government officials and representatives on behalf of our members, through collaboration with other chambers, associations and similar bodies.

In addition, we provide members the opportunity to meet visiting dignitaries and officials.

Our team of expert advisors have helped hundreds of British exporters sell their goods or services across Romania, a country with one of the fastest growing economies in the EU.

We will continue our mission to deliver high quality export projects for British businesses as part of our aim to help British businesses grow through increasing their exports and encouraging investments abroad!

Our top three clients predict export sales in Romania of over £2 million in the next 3 years thanks to our continuous assistance in the local market.

“The information we received before we set off was very clear. […] There was a lot of two-way communication to ensure the appointments were the right type for our particular need and we were able to ask many questions which we feel were answered very well. We’ve been hosted by the BRCC and they provided very informative and helpful presentations. The information was very real about how business is conducted in Romania: no thrills, very good information for us to take away”.
Theresa Turner, Articad Ltd., UK

“What we appreciate most in our association with the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce is how easy you’ve made it for us to access this market. We gave you a brief of what we were looking for and then you did all the work for us. Literally all I’ve had to do is arrange my own transport. It’s been made very easy for me indeed”.
Neil Smith, Polyseam Ltd., UK


Why Romania?

With its strategic location and Black Sea coast, Romania is considered by many to be the gateway to Eastern Europe and its 100 million inhabitants. Romania is the largest country in South-East Europe with a population of around 20 million.

Culturally, Romania is closer to Western Europe than its neighbours. Romanian is a Latin-based language belonging to the same family as Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. English is widely spoken, as are all the other major European languages.

Romania may not be as well developed as some other Eastern European countries, and this is why it presents so many exciting opportunities. But whatever development needs there may be for roads, transport and infrastructure, Romania is way ahead on the ‘information super highway’ with one of the world’s fastest internet speeds*.

*Romania has the fastest internet speed in Europe and the third fastest in the world.' Source: Bloomberg July 2013


Key advantages

  • Lower costs – wages are around a quarter of UK levels and property costs are generally below UK levels

  • Well-educated staff are easy to find – thanks to some excellent universities and a buoyant labour market

  • Large capital inflows – Romania will continue to receive EU development funds totalling 74 billion EURO until 2020

  • Growth prospects – the economy is expected to expand by more than 2% in 2014 (IMF July 2013)

  • World-class professional services – local and foreign lawyers,, accountants and consultants


Which sectors?

Romania’s desire to ‘catch up’ with other European countries and the large capital inflows from EU development funds are fuelling business opportunities.

The following sectors have been identified as having the greatest potential, although you may well find opportunities for your business in other areas:

  • Agriculture, including machinery and equipment

  • Manufacturing – high quality low cost production capacity for automotive sector, machinery, chain construction, etc.

  • Energy – oil and gas

  • Environmental technologies – water and wastewater, waste management

  • Healthcare – pharmaceuticals, equipment

  • Infrastructure – airport modernisation, public transport, road building and flood mitigation

  • Information technology – for a wide variety of applications including border security and other government requirements

  • Packaging equipment and waste recycling

  • Services such as call centres, IT, medical, logistics management, R&D and others.

  • Hospitality and a friendly attitude

  • Ability to speak at least one foreign language

  • Reliable partners, eager to do business with foreign companies

  • Knowledge of international business practices (many have MBAs or degrees from foreign universities)

What to expect from Romanian business people

  • Hospitality and a friendly attitude

  • Ability to speak at least one foreign language

  • Reliable partners, eager to do business with foreign companies

  • Knowledge of international business practices (many have MBAs or degrees from foreign universities)

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