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€9 billion of EU funds are allocated to Romania for infrastructure development between 2014 and 2020. Romania’s General Transport Master Plan outlines the priorities for investment in transport infrastructure. See: These priorities include:

  • motorway and road development and upgrading

  • modernisation of railway stations, rail corridors and rail traffic security

  • construction of new metro line to link to airport

  • development of Romanian airports

There are opportunities for innovative UK companies who can support ongoing infrastructure modernisation.

Contact: for more information on rail opportunities, or contact: for more information on road and airports opportunities.

[Source: Department for International Trade (DIT)(Aug 2015)]


Environment and water

A further £7.7 billion of EU funding will be available for environment and water projects.

Environment and water opportunities include:

  • consultancy and technical assistance

  • engineering design, works supervision and procurement assistance

  • supply of equipment and technology

  • facilities/schemes for waste processing and recycling

  • analytical services and facilities

  • training programmes

Contact: for more information on water and environment opportunities.

[Source: Department for International Trade (DIT) (Aug 2015)]



Oil & Gas

Romania has the fourth largest crude oil reserves in Europe with 600 million barrels of proved reserves as of 1st January 2013.

The National Natural Gas Transmission System’s (SNTGN) investment plan for 2014 to 2020 forecasts €254 million investment, and 247 km of new pipelines to be built by 2019 to 2020. See:

The main opportunities in the Oil & Gas sector include the supply of equipment and services to rehabilitate and modernise refineries and the national gas transportation system pipes. A new round of tenders for offshore and onshore licences is also likely to create opportunities.


Almost one fifth of total electricity production in Romania comes from nuclear power. Projects at Cernavoda nuclear power plant include:

  • new build (estimated at £5.5 billion)

  • life-span extension (estimated at £1.25 billion to £1.7 billion)

  • decommissioning and building of radioactive waste storage (estimated at up to £1.8 billion)

These projects offer opportunities for UK companies to supply goods and services.

Contact: for more information on opportunities in the oil and gas sector.

Contact: for more information on opportunities in the nuclear sector.

[Source: Department for International Trade (DIT)/ (Aug 2015)]


Healthcare and Life Sciences

Opportunities for UK companies exist in both Romania’s private and public sector healthcare systems. They include:

  • building and equipping two strategic regional hospitals at Iasi, Timisoara and Craiova

  • supply of oncology, diagnostic, transplant, cardiology, tissue cell bank, hearing screening and intensive care equipment/devices

  • building and equipping 13 to 15 new radiotherapy centres

  • e-health

  • upgrading of private oncology hospital

  • new private healthcare projects and upgrading of existing private clinics with focus on cardiology, diagnostic laboratories, neurosurgery

Contact: for more information on opportunities in the healthcare sector.

[Source: Department for International Trade (DIT)/ (Aug 2015)]


Defence and Security

The Romanian Government aims to increase the defence budget annually until it reaches 2% of GDP in 2017 and to maintain it at that level for the following ten years. The budget is to be allocated for training and for acquisition of modern military equipment.

Opportunities for UK companies include:

  • involvement in Type 22 frigate modernisation programme

  • development of a new Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC)

  • cyber security and covert surveillance equipment

Contact Export Control Organisation (ECO) to check you are meeting legal requirements for export. See:

Contact: for more information on opportunities in the Defence and Security sector.

[Source: Department for International Trade (DIT)/ (Aug 2015)]




The Romanian Government is in the process of listing shares from a number of companies on the stock market. The process started in 2014 and continues.

Opportunities exist for UK businesses to help with operations on capital markets/stock exchange.

The use of FinTech is expected to grow strongly, offering opportunities for UK companies in this sector.

Contact: for more information on opportunities in the financial sector.


E-commerce is currently valued at an estimated €800 million in Romania. Increasing numbers of users are buying online from mobile devices. 85% growth in smartphone users is forecast and is expected to generate a spectacular growth of online sales.

The 33% annual growth in e-commerce is being generated mostly by sales of:

  • clothes and shoes (40%)

  • IT, electronics and home appliances (37%)

  • cosmetics and perfumes (13%)

Accelerated growth in the online food sector is also expected as retailers open e-commerce sites.

This growth opens up opportunities for UK companies with products sold online.

Contact: for more information on opportunities in the e-commerce sector.

[Source: Department for International Trade (DIT)/ (Aug 2015)]



Romanian car production is forecast to grow by 15% in 2015, according to the Romanian Automotives Manufacturers’ Association (ACAROM). See:  

The spare parts market in Romania was worth €12.6 billion in 2014, 8.7% higher than in 2013.

The high growth in Romania’s automotive sector opens up opportunities for UK companies to become part of the supply chain as qualified Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers. There are opportunities for:

  • machine manufacturers

  • technology experts

  • process improvement specialists

  • automotive service providers

  • consultants

  • research and development institutes

Contact: for more information on opportunities in the advanced manufacturing sector.

[Source: Department for International Trade (DIT)/ (Aug 2015)]


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